Dear Customers,

Our 30 years of experience in hand made and machine made rugs helped us a lot while creating the collections of Norm Halı. Eco friendly & re-cycled yarns that we use on our rugs reflects our respect to the nature. Refering to our name we try our best to create green goods.

As we see our customers not only a customer but our business partners, our mission is to make our customers successful in their markets so that we share all our know how and facilities with them while we give full support and fast service.

Quality is the summary of our respect to human, to nature and to our customers. We offer healthy, safe, proper, legal working conditions to our staff. Our main goal is to have the full trust of our customers on our company, products and service.

Our 25.000 m² production facility in Konya city has been continuously enlarging each day as we try to keep up with the demand to our natural & green rugs. Over 300 employees are all dedicated to satisfy customers’ needs and we are producing 5.000.000m2 rugs annually. You may see all our latest collections at our showroom in Istanbul Asia side, where our head office & product development departments are located.

Yours Sincerely


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